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Cannabis 3.0 and the Role of Blockchain Technology in its Evolution

Unquestionably, Cannabis products which are legally good for retail sale travel through a unique path. They have gone many places before they reach the end customer.  Particularly, the stages of preparation and handling are unique. Clearly, the details of the wholesale and retail points they go through are unique. All these details are on the Cannabis blockchain.
Cannabis 3.0 is the Advanced Evolution
Cannabis 3.0 is the improved version of Cannabis 2.0 and Cannabis 1.0.  Additionally, many corporations from across the world are improving on Cannabis 3.0. Network.  Moreover, the roadmap to buying is noted down clearly in the distributed ledger.
Big Data Analytics
Definitely, machine learning algorithms like artificial intelligence are getting smarter. They are personal than ever.  Also, the blockchain and many regulatory technologies, consumer input devices take in every data before it delivers a result output. Nevertheless, technology is a different way in terms of sustaining health. However, doctors and patients can confidently use the technique depending on the output of information from this kind of technology.
Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
The current global market conditions require compliance with regulatory requirements in the Cannabis industry.  Cannabis 3.0 is a collective approach where the tracking of everything about Cannabis processing and end sales takes place.  Everything from bio-metric tracking, tracing of the products from its origin to its consumer, brand recognition, and quality of products in the market place.
Best Strain of Medical Cannabis
Apart from this, finding the best strain of Medical Cannabis is a need. Good CBD oil for headaches, joint pain, knees, joint pain, anxiety, and more using blockchain technology works best.
Hybrid Strains of Cannabis
There are several hybrid strains of Cannabis.  In the study of the influence of such products on diseases with precision, blockchain technology is the key to such identification.
Verify Smart Applications
Cannabis 3.0 means a lot to a patient.  Before going to a store to buy the prescription on the doctor’s script, the patient can cross check the smart applications on blockchain. The app reviews the brands and strains.  They help find the medicine which best suits the treatment. The effects of the treatment based on bio-metrics, medications, medical history, the current medications, and the origins of the product stay on the blockchain.
Plurality of Data
Cannabis product with consumer feedback with a plurality of data related to the record is categorized. Unique digital identifiers on the blockchain regulates access by many authorized users. Non-directed machine learning algorithms decide the quantity and quality of the desired and undesired data.  The output is decided by the end-user experience, followed by storing the data on the blockchain.  The accuracy analysis by data aggregation and storage of workflow data ensures precision.

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