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No Borders Naturals Inc Uses Blockchain Technology to Improve Consumer Confidence in Their Products

Health plays a very important role in the overall quality of life.  The attitude around cannabidiol is surrounded by criticism despite the knowledge of the fact that it has been used medicinally.  There has been an unfair categorization of the substance as an illegal one. However, the CBD has long been used for natural treatments in several health ailments.

CBD has all the organic characteristics, which makes it valuable in the treatment of several health ailments.   Individuals who have epilepsy have been taking CBD to help with their seizures.  CBD is becoming readily available these days and considering the genuine impact of this chemical on the health of people they are taking to it than ever before. The universal attitude towards CBD is changing.

CBD Labchain focuses on improving consumer confidence in products that make use of cannabidiol. Just like any other company, Cannabis and Cannabidiol companies are supposed to manage their money and check the quality of the products. These companies are now choosing blockchain to build business tools and processes.  The already existing services are not working for the new and growing market of CBD.

Joseph Snyder, CEO of No Borders, stated that they have been working for nearly two years to identify the current business case for the blockchain. He further said, “It will also improve security and transparency in the supply chain of CBD products.”

Intelligent contracts and blockchain technology will create the required confidence in CBD products.

Consumers need a standard when it comes to assessing CBD products.  The laws are different in each state of the US, and the FDA guidelines are also unclear.  No Border Labs depend on the “Results guaranteed with blockchain” seal available on product labels to provide their consumers with the kind of confidence in the product they are looking for.

No Borders focuses on making use of blockchain and IoT and several other technologies in real-time use cases.  The subsidiaries of no borders distribute CBD products, dental supplies, and several other technology consulting services.

No Borders Naturals, Inc are focused on Natural Health and Wellness market.  Joseph Snyder is the President, CEO, and Director. Cynthia Tanabe is the Treasurer, Secretary, and Director, and Christopher Brown is a Director.  The company offers several products in different verticals simultaneously.

The products from No Borders Naturals, Inc are made from natural raw materials that are lab tested for their potency and purity. Vegan CBD products are well known from their brand.  They provide a full range of anti-inflammatory products with CBD content.


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