Medical Cannabis

Legit Payment for Cannabis with Smartphone by Alt Thirty Six

A lot of awareness is created about the potential benefits of Medical Cannabis.  A personal medical approach is required when it comes to the administration of Cannabis.

A webinar is set to happen supported by Mettler-Toledo on ‘Ph. Eur. and USP changes – what every UV/Vis lab should know’ taking place on 12 November 2019 at 15:00 GMT.

Recently Germany has imported the largest shipment of medical Cannabis in the US.

Extensive research is carried out concerning the treatment focused on cannabinoid for patients who are suffering from psychosis, PTSD and anxiety.

The usage of medical Cannabis has been legalized in Gibraltar.  Dr. Krishna Rawal, a medical doctor, stated, “To me, this represents a milestone in healthcare in Gibraltar.”

A lot of speculation has been going on around Bitcoin and Cannabis.  Martin Chorzempa, a research fellow stated, the line separating “encouraged blockchain” and “discouraged Bitcoin” tends to move always, and navigating it requires profound knowledge about China.

The recent speech by Xi was an endorsement of blockchain, but it had nothing about endorsing cryptocurrencies.

All the advertisements from Malta seem like it is a pro-business government, and the external image is like Malta is the hub for igaming, blockchain, cryptocurrency, medical Cannabis, and now Artificial Intelligence.

The World Bank Doing Business Report 2020 reported that Malta is the most challenging country to do business with.  It also states that the situation is getting worse over the past three years.

Regardless, the Cannabis industry is set to explode several blockchains based digital payment solutions are venturing in to make it an investment opportunity for a lifetime.

Illicit Cannabis sales are over and above the legal market.  The Digital Payment Solution for the Cannabis industry will tap the astonishing wealth in the Cannabis industry where cash-only operations are the way to transact in dispensaries and vendor and supplier run operations.

Legit payments for Cannabis with a smartphone by Alt Thirty-Six will be the payment solution for the future for this industry.

Several regulated companies are becoming busy hiring in-house lawyers in the current year.  The stock prices of several publically trading Cannabis companies are slumping, though.  Companies are naming their legal department lawyers.

There are fears about the misuse of the certificate of analysis of Cannabis for quality and the proof of funds.  Blockchain software is considered to be the solution to increase the trust between the buyer and seller in the blockchain industry.

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