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Edinburgh Mother Vows to Go On ‘Hunger Strike’ Over Cannabis Oil

Serious condition is an invisible one, and it is one of the problems in our community. This issue about cannabis or marijuana oil serves as a medicine, especially for those people who lived in Edinburgh, and London was released last October 26, 2019. Cannabis Oil or Marijuana Oil serves as a cure, especially for those young boys like Murray, who experience a severe epilepsy and has Doose syndrome.

There was a young boy named Murray with a severe condition, and he suffers from epilepsy. Murray suffers from Doose Syndrome. Karren Gray, the mother of Murray, supports Murray in everything, even when she already spent £1,300 in a month in a hospital. The UK Government will support Karren Gray if there are problems already regarding medical cannabis.

In London, there was a group or an organization named End Our Pain Group that seeks an answer, and End Our Pain group keeps on campaigning to have fully funded regarding cannabis or marijuana oil. Karren Gray joined that group or organization because that group will help her to raise her concerns regarding fully funded of cannabis or marijuana oil. Ms. Karren Gray came from Edinburgh. She raised her concerns until she told that the government of Scottland is not listening about her concerns.

There were several questions that Ms. Karren Gray said. Not just Ms. Karren Gray, who planned on going to a hunger strike, but she was with the other moms in London who are in the same situation that Ms. Karren Gray experienced. A health secretary named Matt Hancock forced by Ms. Karren Gray and other moms to have oil fully funded. Mr. Matt Hancock knows the situation of Ms. Karren Gray and other moms already, but he has nothing to do with that issue. There were several questions that need action and some questions that require a solution. There were several concerns that Ms. Karren Gray and other moms lift up but Mr. Matt Hancock doing nothing about their concerns. Ms. Karren Gray and other moms in Edinburgh protested in Government to have a funded in Oil Cannabis. Mr. Karren Gray, together with the other mums lived in London, lift up the concern to the health secretary named Matt Hancock regarding paying the cannabis oil they ordered in other countries (Netherlands). But it took several months until these concerns had been lifted up.

Murray, a Scottish young boy, takes or used cannabis oil as severe conditions alternative medicine, or he takes cannabis or marijuana oil to cure the symptoms.  The government requires much data and requires much evidence that this cannabis or marijuana oil actually cures a serious condition so that the government will help many people in Edinburgh and London to supply cannabis oil in their particular places.

Ms. Karren Gray is indeed a great woman who fights for her kid named Murray. Ms. Karren Gray had contributed more to the problems they faced in supplying cannabis oil for Doose Syndrome in Edinburgh and London. Indeed, Ms. Karren Gray had a good impact on everyone who needs cannabis oil or marijuana oil, especially for those mums who are in the same situation as Ms. Karren Gray.

Cannabis and Marijuana are said to be the most hazardous plant, but look at how these take the role of alternative medicine. Today, Cannabis and Marijuana are considered medicine, especially for those people who are suffering from serious conditions, suffering from pain, suffering from cancer, and suffering from other illnesses and diseases.

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