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NHS Gives First Medic Cannabis Prescription to 11 Years Old Boy with Severe Epilepsy

There was a young boy named Billy Caldwell. He was 11 years old, but at a young age, he has a severe epilepsy. Medical Marijuana and Medical cannabis were one of the cures to his epilepsy. The doctor prescribed medical marijuana or medical cannabis as one of the effective medicines.

Billy Caldwell took cannabis oil to at least lessen the pain he had been experiencing. He lived in California. California is one of the countries and places that using and taking marijuana and cannabis is legal. There are Hospitals in California, specifically in Los Angeles, and one of the hospitals there is Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital is taking care of the health of the children or kids. In that particular Hospital, there was a doctor named Dr. Douglas Nordli who gave a medicine to Billy Caldwell, and that particular medicine is cannabis or marijuana plants.

Ms. Charlotte Caldwell, a mother of young boy Billy Caldwell, was amazed at the result. Ms. Charlotte Caldwell is a 49 years old mother of Billy Caldwell. Yes, they are using and taking cannabis or marijuana as alternative medicine is a very effective one. Still, there are some cases that using and taking marijuana and cannabis is not so effective. Until Billy Caldwell gets an alternative medicine, such as medicinal cannabis oil at the other countries, Billy Caldwell and Ms. Charlotte Caldwell are going to the other country to get a medicinal cannabis Oil. They were thankful because of Doctor Douglas Nordli, a paper with his signature that tells that he permitted already Billy Caldwell and Ms. Charlotte Caldwell to go to the other country to get an alternative medicine or so-called medicinal cannabis oil.

The psychoactive chemicals are one of the reasons why people get high, but the cannabis oil prescribed by Dr. Douglas Nordli was content of CBD, which means Cannabidiol, which you cannot get high once you use and take this cannabis oil. Cannabis oil, Medicinal cannabis, and medicinal marijuana is much more effective, advisable, and prescribed one once it was CBD (Cannabidiol) And this CBD is prescribed for those patients most especially if the patients are a kid only.

Based on Ms. Charlotte Caldwell, since billy Caldwell was a baby, he has suffered from epilepsy, and she has nothing to do with that because she doesn’t know what to do until Billy Caldwell became a teen. So, Ms. Charlotte Caldwell decided to go to the Children’s Hospital in California. Now, Billy Caldwell takes Cannabis oil that has CBD, which means this cannabis oil does not make him ‘high,’ and once you have to take Cannabis oil with CBD means it doesn’t contain any chemical substances. With the help of Dr. Douglas Nordli, Billy Caldwell was cured immediately. Dr. Douglas Nordli helps Ms. Charlotte Caldwell and Billy Caldwell in terms of prescribing the young boy to take all alternative medicine or to take the cannabis oil.

Moreover, there are two types of cannabis oil. The first one is Cannabis Oil with CBD, which means it doesn’t make you high once you take and use this. This cannabis oil doesn’t contain any chemical substances. The second one is Cannabis oil with tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid, which means this cannabis oil contains many chemical substances that make one person very high once it is used. It also has a psychoactive chemical that makes a one-person very high, which makes a one-person very hyper without any reason.

Katie Forster wrote this news. It was written on May 1, 2017.

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