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Teens Are Using A Highly Potent Form of Marijuana

Marijuana or cannabis is now considered as alternative medicine. Marijuana or cannabis prescribed to use by some Doctors now because they always believed that cannabis or marijuana cure some illnesses and diseases. This was proven and tested by some researchers and Doctors. This news or issue happened last August 26, 2019, in Arizona.

There is a constituent of marijuana or cannabis that makes the people very high because there is a presence of tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid and psychoactive chemicals. The only reason why people made them very high when they take or use this kind of drug is because of the so-called psychoactive chemical that is present in a marijuana or cannabis. Marijuana and cannabis are said to be alternative medicine, especially for those teens who need to take this to cure their cancer.

There was an ASU assistant professor of psychology named Madeline Meier. According to her, when a medical marijuana or medical cannabis has a higher dosage of THC may result in marijuana addiction. Higher THC may increase the risk factor of addiction. A higher concentration of marijuana had been the problem of many individuals, especially the researchers. Using marijuana or cannabis with high concentration is very risky and hazardous, especially for those teens who use this without any reason. Marijuana or cannabis has two types.

The two types are (1) Cannabis or marijuana that consists of CBD or so-called Cannabidiol. This type of cannabis or marijuana is not risky, and this type of cannabis or marijuana is advisable for children who have cancer and severe conditions. (2) Cannabis or marijuana that consists of tetrahydrocannabinol Acid, which means this type of cannabis or marijuana, makes people ‘high’ when they use this, especially teens. This type of cannabis or marijuana contains different chemical substances, and also this type of marijuana is illegal. So, when you are planning to use medical marijuana or medical cannabis as alternative medicine, you should use cannabis with CBD, not cannabis with tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid.

If you are planning to use marijuana or cannabis as medicine, it should be a prescribed by the doctors. If you are not in the legal age, you should have a parent consent or forms that indicate that you are allowing by your parents. There are several teens who got addicted to using marijuana and cannabis because they prefer to use cannabis with a high concentration that makes them high. There are teens who got addicted because instead of using marijuana or cannabis as medicine, they took cannabis as their vices. Today, there are teens involved in different news regarding cannabis.

The researchers also tested and said that teens are more active in using marijuana, and they prefer to use highly concentrated marijuana or cannabis.

Those teens who used highly concentrated marijuana and those teens who used marijuana in other form was compared by the researchers. The researchers believe that those teens who used a high concentration of marijuana or cannabis were riskier than the other one. According to the ASU assistant professors of psychology named Madeline Meier, using marijuana, especially when you are in the adult stage, would decline your IQ.

At this juncture, they are using marijuana or cannabis as an herbal remedy or as alternative medicine is much better. Using and taking marijuana as a beneficial way is indeed a good one instead of taking marijuana without any reason. Cannabis and marijuana are a medicine, and it helps those people who have cancer and epilepsy. There were several teens, young boys, and girls who were suffering from pain or cancer and epilepsy.

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