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Legalization of Medical Cannabis and Blockchain Technology

Dean Natalie Eddington stated, “How CBD or THC or both are used in the treatment of certain disease states. And to know the drug-drug interactions that might take place.”

Different strains of Medical Marihuana are used for various purposes.  The cost of therapeutic Cannabis is very high — pharmacies who dispense medical-grade pot set customized prices.  There are lengthy regulatory hurdles, which need to be handled.  Several patient groups are not able to handle medical costs. This means several patients will not be able to afford treatment.  The treatment will be only for the Elite.  The sufferers are those patients who have chronic pain.

The blockchain is a new way to do old things in a more sustained manner.  There is a need to reach people in developing markets and extending the payment systems to social media platforms and e-commerce systems from across the world.

There are several facets to blockchain technology, and developers are diving deep into every aspect of disruptive technology.

The pros and cons of decentralized and enterprise blockchains like dApps and the role of this technology in healthcare are widely explored.

Giant financial corporations usually determine how money flows through the economy and under the circumstances under which the money can be withdrawn from the system as and when they want.

Banks, finance corporations, industrialists, retailers, and everyone are aware that the world is changing, and they know that they need to change as well.  They do not want to be left out of the change.

Private medical Cannabis prescription has been issued to a teenager suffering from – Ehlers Danlos syndrome.  This condition caused her limbs to dislocate, and the muscles were in spasm.    The teenager has been on fentanyl while suffering a lot of consequences, and she states that “Coming off fentanyl was the best thing that ever happened to me.”  She was able to come out of fentanyl because she was prescribed medical Cannabis.

The Cannabis industry is becoming increasingly corporate, and, each day, a new Cannabis product is making to the market place.  The Cannabis plant has medicinal properties, which is valuable for society as a whole.

Advanced applications of blockchain technology can be used in the Medical Cannabis industry.  The blockchain technology can be particularly helpful in the process of legalization of Cannabis. Everything about the Cannabis industry can be tracked using blockchain technology ranging from the investment of money, profits, managerial efforts, supply chain, and more.

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