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Doctors Should Be Able to Prescribe Medical Cannabis, Home Office Adviser Concludes

This issue happened last July 19, 2018, as reported and written by Alex Matthews King in the United Kingdom (UK). Doctors should let those patients who need to take or use cannabis or marijuana as their alternative medicine. Doctors should let even children take this one even if this was a very hazardous, and of course, when the doctors prescribed to take marijuana, and it should be used properly.

Doctors play a crucial role in our health. Allowing to use of marijuana or cannabis as a medicine is better, but make sure that it was prescribed by your doctor. Medical cannabis and medical marijuana have proven and tested that these plants helped those people who are suffering from severe illnesses, most especially cancer. The Advisory Committee on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) was asked by Sajid Javid, a home secretary from home office, about medical marijuana or medical cannabis. There was some pieces of evidence and proof that marijuana or cannabis was very effective for those people who are suffering from cancer, and this plant helped those people who have epilepsy. Marijuana and cannabis are now legal in the United States (US) Because there are proof and shreds of evidence that the researchers and doctors appeared and presented.

There are several benefits of using and taking marijuana or cannabis as medicine. This medicinal plant is said to be the cure of all serious conditions, especially cancer and epilepsy. There are some people mentioned, and these people mentioned plays a vital role in our society, and they are Doctor. Doctor Owen Bowden- Jones wrote a statement. Those hospitals or clinics in the United Kingdom should prescribe cannabis or marijuana as medicine for those people who need this. And also, it should meet the quality standard and high satisfaction of the patients with serious conditions. Doctor Owen Bowden- Jones added again his statement above, and He stated that It is very crucial and significance that those clinics and hospitals when those doctors who are in the clinics and hospitals need to prescribed some medical cannabis or marijuana that are more effective to use and safe to take. These medicinal plants (Medical cannabis and Medical Cannabis) is also considered as herbal.

Cannabis and Marijuana contain different chemical substances that make a person change immediately their behavior and mood. They used also cannabis oil to treat those conditions like epilepsy. There was a little joy Named Billy Caldwell. He was 12 years old with epilepsy. The only thing he did was to cure his epilepsy by taking cannabis oil. Moreover, that cannabis oils that he used was not a planted coming from the ground yet it was considered as an oil. The standard should be complete that satisfy the patients of taking and using these plants when it reaches the quality standard. It would be in the longer-term, which allows the Doctors to prescribed a Medical marijuana and medical cannabis as an alternative medicine for those people who need to take this one. The ACMD stated that it should be in the completed the high standard that the patient needs.

Today, cannabis or marijuana products are always considered an illegal drug, but this plant is legally used as alternative medicine, and it is legal in terms of curing some illnesses and diseases and in terms of treating cancer and epilepsy.  Using and taking this as medicine will help every one of us from illnesses and diseases but make sure that using this is prescribed by the Doctors.

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