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What are the Different Types of Medical Marijuana Can I Get? How Can I Buy It?

There are different types of medical marijuana available in the market. These types differ in the way they are administered or used. Below are the available medical marijuana and how you can buy them.

You can choose from them depending on your preferences and needs:


Edibles are some of the effective forms of medical marijuana. Edibles are created with a specific dose, and you will not be having any problems measuring them. Usually, edible come as chocolates blended with cannabis.

Edibles are great because there are companies that provide you with the proper dosage of medical marijuana that you need. They are aware of the principle “too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”

Although you will not have any problems with dosing, the effect of the edible may kick a little bit later than the other forms. It is also advisable that once you have consumed an edible, you are not to consume another for the next 2 hours.


Vaporizers have marijuana in vapor form. You suck the vapor and blow it out, just like the principle of using a joint. But the difference with a joint, you can immediately blow it out without sacrificing the effectiveness.

Usually, the vapors come with a tool, such as a cartridge. The vaporizer is inserted into a cartridge. And usually the dose of medical marijuana is stated on the cartridge, so you will not have any problem with administering the proper dosage. Different from the edibles, the vapor takes effect quickly.

Sprays and Tinctures

Spray, just like any other spray bottle can be used by pressing the cap, while the tincture comes in the form of bottle and a dropper that you administer by sucking it or just merely dropping into your mouth. Nonetheless, both take effect quickly.


This form of marijuana comes as the oil inside the pill case. The advantage of the pills is the dosage is more accurate than the other comes. But the effect might kick in a little bit later. Although with its edible counterpart, the pills tend to be more costly.

Topical Wax

Topical wax is just like balms that you apply to the skin. Usually, the topical wax is used for external purposes only. If you experience any soreness, pain, and headache this is the form of medical marijuana that you should use. The downside of the wax is it produces a strong smell if administered.

How can I buy Medical Marijuana?

Well, you have to consider the laws of the country that you are in. If your country or state permits or legalized the use of medical marijuana, then you are good. But you still need to get a prescription from a Doctor. If the Doctor sees you fit in using medical marijuana, then he/she will give you a prescription. The prescription will serve as your passport to buy medical marijuana.

There are different forms of medical marijuana that are suited to your preferences. But for you to use them, you need a prescription from a certified doctor, as this will serve as your passport to buy medical marijuana. Also, the state or country you are in should have laws containing the legalization of this said drug. A few more reminders that it may be a good thing to you, but that does not give you the go signal to use it irresponsibly. Always push for safe and responsible use.

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